Our Story

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We'd like to thank the fine folks at S.E.H Kelly for giving us permission to use their imagery. Here's a bit about them, in their own words:

An enduring type of garment is the speciality at S.E.H Kelly. Has been since 2009. Something which lasts, in other words; something which stands the test of time, not only by quality, but by design and by value, too.

What you have, then, is a garment that serves its wearer in an unassuming sort of way — in the background, simple and modest, but useful when called upon — over many years. It is less unassuming when it comes to how it is made — involving as it does makers, if not the best at what they do, then certainly in the top one. Shirts and jackets and trousers are cut and sewn in workrooms which do so only for shirts or jackets or trousers. Knitwear is hand-framed in one or another far-flung corner of an island. Cloth, often hand-woven, comes from mills very much above, if you will, the run of most mills. Buttons, buckles, and so on are made by old hands in old establishments. Made in the British Isles, the lot.